I'm a very passionate person... about my faith, my family and my work. And I'm one of those lucky people who have been able to merge my personal and professional life, so one benefits the other. As a Christian, I strive to be a bright, optimistic light encouraging others as I lead by example (Matthew 5: 14-16).

Personally, I'm a small-town girl, originally from Tallmadge, Ohio. That's where I met my husband, Ryan. I'm sure we passed each other in the hallways during high school, but it wasn't until we were living a thousand miles away from each other that we actually started dating. We got married in November 2004 and had an awesome wedding and celebration complete with our closest family and friends. We now have two amazing little boys, Sayer and Urban, and two little girls Ainsley and Addison, identical twins with totally different personalities.  Oh, and we also have a teacup poodle, Fizzgig. We currently live in San Diego, California... one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Professionally, I'm dedicated and driven. My career has always been important to me. After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I became a news anchor/reporter and started working my way up the television markets. But then some brilliant guys created YouTube and my whole world changed. I instantly realized the potential and started creating content exclusively for the internet. After launching several successful online shows, I decided to focus my attention on programming for new parents. I produce several audio podcasts including Preggie Pals, Newbies, Parent SaversThe Boob Group and Twin Talks. My work soon compelled me to launch the Parents On Demand Network which helps parents find quality, family-friendly podcasts. When I'm not producing podcasts, I'm a professional voice-over artist. You've probably heard my voice on various commercials, audiobooks and video games. I also volunteer in the media unit with the San Diego Police Department.

My personal and professional life are pretty much one in the same- which requires some major multi-tasking skills. It's "normal" for me to be doing homework with my kids while on conference calls or scheduling work appointments around playdates. I have an absolutely crazy life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I am blessed.